Relationship Mastery Seminar

Relationship Mastery Seminar is designed to teach you how to resolve conflicts and create solutions with ease through open and clear communication so you feel empowered to create deeply fulfilling partnerships.

Relationship Mastery Seminar is designed for couples, family relationships, individuals, and is also available for organizations and businesses.

Through humor, compassion, and insightful guidance, Drs. Tom & Shelley will share with you the tools for unlocking the mystery of successful relationships

Please join Relationship Trainers Drs. Tom & Shelley for an enlightening seminar that will transform your life!  Explore how to rekindle the joy, passion, and love in your relationships, both intimate and casual. Learn how to resolve conflicts and create solutions with ease. Discover how to use open and clear communication to empower each other so you expand and grow in the relationship and create a deeply fulfilling experience of true partnership. 

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Here are some available seminars, training programs and healing methods designed to enhance your experience of living life consciously.

Healing the Inner Child helps you re-connect with the energetic experience of the child within. You will let go of the core imprints that have kept you from feeling free and joyful in your life.
Cellular Energy Releasing addresses the energy flow and the physical structure of the body. You will experience a greater sense of peace, increased energy and a more balanced body.
Channeling is a powerful tool that can be used for healing, becoming clear about who you are and how to manifest what you choose in your life.
A Workshop for Men that guides you in releasing the beliefs that limit your power and your life. You will discover a renewed sense of self.

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