Power of Woman Seminar

Power of Woman Seminar trains women in creating extraordinary results and turns the fire back on in their lives. You will experience a powerful sense of freedom. Dr. Shelley says, “It is your birthright to live a life you love!”

Dr. Shelley developed and teaches the life-changing, Power of Woman Seminar, a weekend program followed by 3 months of advanced training for creating real results in the world. Dr. Shelley says it is your birthright to live your life with focused passion and purpose… and more joy and love! It brings you to an experience of freedom, so you have the quality of life we all seek. She teaches women real tools so they have real-life extraordinary results.  This is your roadmap and foundation for success!



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Conscious Learning – Conscious Living

Here are some available seminars, training programs and healing methods designed to enhance your experience of living life consciously.

Channeling is a powerful tool that can be used for healing, becoming clear about who you are and how to manifest what you choose in your life.
Healing the Inner Child helps you re-connect with the energetic experience of the child within. You will let go of the core imprints that have kept you from feeling free and joyful in your life.
A Workshop for Men that guides you in releasing the beliefs that limit your power and your life. You will discover a renewed sense of self.
Cellular Energy Releasing addresses the energy flow and the physical structure of the body. You will experience a greater sense of peace, increased energy and a more balanced body.

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