Cellular Energy Releasing

Cellular Energy Releasing addresses the energy flow and the physical structure of the body. You will experience a greater sense of peace, increased energy and a more balanced body.

What is the CER Healing Method and what does it do?

Dr. Tom has developed a specific deep tissue releasing technique to support you in letting go of the blocks, both physical and emotional, that are in the way of you creating what you want.  He developed the CER method over 30 years ago and has practiced and taught this technique throughout the country. 

In a Cellular Energy Releasing session you will:

  • Open your body to its natural flow of energy
  • Let go of your old reactions, feeling and thoughts
  • Experience increased energy and a more balanced body
  • Begin to live a full and rewarding life
  • Reawaken your ability to create what you want in your life with ease

“Dr. Tom’s work helped speed up my healing in ways I couldn’t have imagined. My first session left me with a profound feeling of peace – something I was searching for my whole life. I have never felt that way before and each session brought more and more wholeness to my being. It opened me up to create and experience life on a whole new level.”

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Seminars, Training & Healing

Conscious Learning – Conscious Living

Here are some available seminars, training programs and healing methods designed to enhance your experience of living life consciously.

A Workshop for Men that guides you in releasing the beliefs that limit your power and your life. You will discover a renewed sense of self.
Healing the Inner Child helps you re-connect with the energetic experience of the child within. You will let go of the core imprints that have kept you from feeling free and joyful in your life.
Channeling is a powerful tool that can be used for healing, becoming clear about who you are and how to manifest what you choose in your life.

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