Energy Healing

Cellular Energy Releasing

Created by Dr. Tom Negelow, Cellular Energy Releasing combines emotional releasing and deep tissue restructuring of the body. This technique focuses on both the energy flow and the physical structure of the body and returns both the energy and structure to its natural flow.  Life becomes a different experience when force, effort and resistant are replaced by ease, calm and comfort. 

Healing the Inner Child

Private sessions with Dr. Shelley that will help you re-connect with the energetic experience of the child within.  During a session you will let go of the core imprints that have kept you from feeling free and joyful in your life.  With compassion and loving guidance Dr. Shelley will help you create a safe place and guide you in creating a new foundation of peace, joy and harmony so that you can manifest a life you love.    


Channeling is a powerful tool that can be used for healing, becoming clear about who you are and how to manifest what you choose in your life. Dr. Tom is a deep trance channel and has been channeling in group and in private session for over 30 years. Dr. Tom provides a mini channeling with Ascended Master Kuthumi, who gives us a blueprint for our healing and great insight into how to manifest a life we love. A must-see for healers and teachers and for anyone who wants to heal their lives.

What Clients say

A few words of appreciation from clients

C.S.Project Manager
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I was stuck in my life for many years. I met Shelley at a networking event and decided to attend Shelley's workshops... I am living my blessed life with ease, I have cleared most of the roadblocks I kept pushing against and am at peace.
P.L.Sr. Implement Consultant
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The CER treatments have had a most profound impact on me as a whole. I found that more than physical holdings were released as a result of Dr. Tom’s work. I also released emotional and thought patterns that have prevented me from realizing my full potential and I always feel peaceful after a treatment.

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