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We are passionately committed to your healing and learning. Our intention is to provide you with the learning and experience that will lead you to a healed life and the ability to manifest a life you love.

Your circumstances don’t define who you are. Rise above them and discover your magnificence!

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For over 30 years, Drs. Tom and Shelley Negelow have been known for training and coaching men and women throughout the United States to create a powerful foundation for living a life they love.  Their seminars and classes, as well as their personal and professional coaching and healing, focus on the mastery of the energetic nature of our humanity.

Leading you to heal and manifest a life you love.

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Mastering Universal Energy, leads to a permanent connection with yourself and an enlightened ability to create what you choose.

Mastery of Conscious Self Training Program

A dynamic and powerfully transformative training for mastering Universal Energy and experiencing the vibrational nature of Self. This program is essential for those who are, or choose to become, healers and teachers.

Why Academy for Conscious Living

Transformative Healing

Treatments that create a fundamental shift in who you are and your connection with Universal Energy.

Conscious Learning

Over 30 years teaching seminars and programs that train you to expand your self-awareness and your ability to manifest what you choose.

Energy Mastery

A journey into the discovery of how to use the experience of Universal Energy to create in your world.

What Clients Say

I first took Power of Woman in 2011. I had met Shelley many years before and then reconnected with her at a networking meeting. After speaking with her, I knew I must take her seminar. Since then, I have taken additional classes in order to continue my path of creating the life I want. This journey, beginning with Power of Woman, has been worth far more than I imagined. This has meant so much to me that I have helped Shelley in her seminars and classes to support other women in creating their lives. This is a joy to me!

I would encourage every woman that is taking the Power of Woman classes to go further in their self-growth by experiencing one on one "Inner Child Work" sessions with Shelley. This was a crucial part in helping me complete my self-healing and to open myself powerfully to more creating.

The Relationship Classes for both couples and individuals that I took from Shelley and Tom were beyond valuable in helping me create better relationships through better communication. This has helped me in every area of my life...personal and in business. It is a must, especially for couples desiring long, loving and mutually supportive relationships.
Med Spa Owner
I have been doing work and classes with Tom and Shelley since 2004. They gave me my life and I owe everything I have accomplished and healed within myself to them.
Graphic Designer
My husband and I have been working with Tom and Shelley since 2002. What Tom and Shelley helped us do was create shifts in our lives and leave behind those things that no longer served us.
Real Estate Broker
Coaching with Shelley is one of the best things I could do. Shelley showed me how to shift my focus to improve my abilities by releasing those old habits so I could move forward and use my natural creative ability, not just at my job but in every part of my life.

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